Wednesday, July 22, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Crunch Time!

Well, progress has been made...
Yes, that is a sleeve :) I'm glad I have noticeable progress to show, but I'm definitely worried about finishing this baby in time to get pictures of it next Thursday so I can meet the OAL deadline. And I still have to make my dress ... which I haven't started ... lol. You can't rush, you know. I'm happy to report that the fit is really nice on this cardi - I'm just hoping that it doesn't stretch out too bad being made of cotton. We shall see.

I also managed to do a little home improvement last night by hanging a bathroom cabinet that I've had for over a year. Again, you can't rush. In my defense it was a much more complicated job than I would have been able to do on my own, so my dad came and hung it for me while I assisted. Now I have a cabinet! And more importantly the built cabinet is no longer getting in the way and being moved around everywhere. Hooray!
On the reading front, I am almost finished with The Astronaut Wives Club. Being from the Space Coast, I am always interested in stories like this. I only just found out that they have made a TV series of this book and I am actually pretty bummed about that. Just the girls that they cast as these women made me a bit upset - all the actresses are a good 10 years younger than the women in this picture and they all are done up like Don Draper's girlfriends. It's sad that they had to deem these ladies in need of being sexed up for TV. Anyway, all the more reason I'm not a big TV watcher. *End Rant*
So that's what I'm up to - frantic knitting! Head over to Gracey's Goodies to see what others are making :)

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