Wednesday, May 13, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Slowly, But Surely

So, I have been thrown into yet another bout of running around like a crazy person this past week, which has certainly taken a tole on my crafting time. Not only did I have a bunch of personal crap to deal with, but last night I taught a knitting class at church ... to about 20 women! It was crazy. Luckily I had assistance by a few other knitters, but man, that was just flat out too many to try and teach in the 1 hour period we had. There were a few who really took to it though, and most of them still seemed enthused when it was over, so that's good. We had so many that there is talk of doing another teaching activity so they can get further in our project.

So, since last I wrote about my WIPs, I did manage to have something to show for my time :)
I finished my Bunsen and Beaker square for the Geek-Along. I managed to finish this one in just a few days because I actually buckled down and worked on it for stretches of longer than 20 minutes like the Tesla square, lol. I feel much more confident in my tapestry crochet abilities now, that's for sure. I'm excited to keep going with the blanket :)
Also, miracle of miracles, is that a sleeve cap I see on my Emelie cardigan? Holy crap, guys, this thing is going to get finished if it kills me. I made the entire sleeve cap once and started on the sleeve itself, but my wrap & turns looked like a hot mess. I never realized that I didn't actually know how to properly wrap & turn. I mean, I knew the wrapping and turning part, but I never worked the picking up of the wraps correctly before. So, since I love this cardigan and this yarn and I've spent so much time making it, I decided it was a perfect time to finally learn it correctly. I tried reading written instructions, but it still wasn't clicking and I couldn't get it right, so I turned to the Free Short Rows Class on Craftsy which finally saved my butt. I am just a more visual person, and I need to see things done in real time.
So now my sleeve cap is looking really nice :) I'm now ready to progress onto the actual sleeve knitting, so hopefully I get more time to work on this in the near future. I'd really like to have this one to wear. It may even assist in distracting the eye while I wear my Skewed Flowers Dress, lol.
In my book world, I am finally finishing This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I actually read half of this book last year, but it's seriously so full of 1910s slang that I could barely understand it. I know that probably makes me sound like a bonehead, but seriously the dialogue is just nuts. So when the audiobook was available this week, I snagged it. I've already passed where I had read to in the physical book, and the audiobook helped a bit on that first half, but holy cow I'm so confused when these people talk, lol. I'm a big history buff and I love historical films and literature, but I've never heard most of this jargon. I am determined to finish it though, so hopefully it all makes sense in the end.
And that's what I've had going on in the craft world these past few weeks. If you'd like to see what others have in the works, head over to Gracey's Goodies and check it out :)


  1. Glad that the sleeves are working for you now....I've only read The Great Gatesby....

    1. I had loved The Great Gatsby, which is why I decided to read this one. Apparently this book was his most famous while he was alive, but I really just don't see why ...


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