Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Geek-Along, Teaching Knitting, and Sew Much More

This week has been quite filled with making things :) I managed to finish my first square for the Geek-Along this weekend - my Tesla coil. I decided to do my blanket in crochet, and I learned how to do "tapestry" crochet just for this project. It's actually really easy, the only part I struggled with is figuring out which way to twist the yarn when I changed colors to avoid gaps in color. I got much better with this as I went on, so the top half looks much better in my opinion. It was pretty fun - it's nice to do something really simple where technically it's all single crochet. Following the chart and changing colors for the picture prevented me from getting bored with it like most every other blanket I've tried to make. It definitely bolstered my confidence in the project as a whole, so last night I started my next square: Bunsen and Beaker.
I grew up watching the Muppets (I'm of the Muppet Babies generation, after all), and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker were always some of my favorites. So when faced with which square to work on next, this was the obvious choice. So far I'm sticking to the colors suggested by the designers (I mean, OF COURSE Bunsen and Beaker had to be green and orange). I pulled some Red Heart Super Saver in Spring Green and Red Heart With Love in Mango out of my stash, and I think these are bright and fun colors for the block. I managed to get this far last night before I decided to sew instead, ha ha.

I was asked to teach a knitting class for an activity at church in May that my mom is heading up (they are calling it "Get Your Granny On!" ha ha and they can choose to learn knitting, sewing or crocheting). Since the class will only be about 1 hour of real instruction, I wanted to choose a project that at least seems attainable to the new knitters. As boring as the idea sounded to me at first, I decided on teaching them with a washcloth/hotpad (whichever they want to use it for). I looked up simple, free washcloth patterns and at first thought that one of the knit/purl pop up design ones would be easiest since it just uses the two stitches, so I made this to try it out:
This is the Heart For Ruthie pattern, which I found for free on Ravelry. In theory this was super easy, but holy cow was it crazy following that chart! I decided to make a garter stitch edge instead of moss stitch like the pattern, and I kept messing up reading the wrong line. I had to start over 3 times! Even though the stitches are simple, I decided that following this chart would just be too complicated for a new knitter (especially considering I've followed charts before and had a problem), so I kept looking. I decided to try out this one next:
This is the Feather & Fan Dishcloth pattern, also found free on Ravelry. I was glad to find a pattern that used all the same stitches I used on my first knitting project: knit, purl, yarn over, knit 2 together. I found other feather and fan patterns, but they all included slip slip knit and sometimes even slpo! Definitely not what I wanted to teach for newbies. This pattern worked out great! It was ridiculously easy to memorize the lace pattern and I had this whipped up in about 1.5 hours. This was the example to show the ladies what they will make if they sign up, so I don't have it now, but I plan to use it myself soon :) I've heard good things about knitted dishcloths, but I always thought they would be too boring to make. I also tried this pattern out by teaching my mom to knit - and she took to it wonderfully! This is no small miracle since her mom had tried to teach her when she was younger and pronounced her as hopeless (my mom is left handed, so she tends to be difficult to teach). I was amazed at how quickly it clicked with her and she has completed 3 repeats of the pattern so far :)

I've also been very into sewing lately, and I have 4 finished projects that are waiting to be blogged (!), which is pretty crazy for me. I'm going to space out the posts over the next 2 weeks, so look for them coming soon. Here is a sneak peak at something that I transformed just last night:
This skirt is not a skirt any longer (insert evil laugh here). I'm pretty pleased with how is turned out, so I'm hoping to get pictures of it soon.
So, stay tuned here for more fun creations coming up the next week or so :) In the meantime, head over to Gracey's Goodies to see what others are stitching up!


  1. Great projects! If the skirt isn't a skirt, what is it?? I'm so curious!

    1. Thanks Beth :) It's now a t-shirt. But shhh ... don't tell, lol.

  2. I was asked to do a crochet demonstration for some students at school...I used to teach an after school program....good luck with your class...can't wait to see the T-shirt...

  3. A tshirt? How clever, looking forward to seeing it.


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