Wednesday, December 17, 2014

WIP: Christmas Procrastination

So, I've been plugging away at my Christmas gifts still ... frantically stitching my heart out in hopes of completing everything on time. I have reached the point on most of my items that I have to sit at home and devote time to them (either from confusing parts or small pieces and stuffing), so when I needed a travel project this weekend (that could be seen around my family members) I had nada. Against my better judgement, I started a sock.
This is my gorgeous new Knit Picks Stroll Sock yarn - it was so delicious and soft, it was just begging to be made into something. Needing something pretty quickly to grab and go, I decided to try again at the one sock pattern I have attempted (and not succeeded with) before - the lacy knee socks pattern from the Knit Sock Workshop Craftsy class. I started this pattern back when I first learned to knit, but quickly realized it was beyond my abilities. Plus I now know I had picked horrible yarn for this project (it was self striping). Anyway, I already had the pattern printed out and I knew which size to make, so I grabbed it and started. The pattern uses a swirl toe and a Tunisian cast on - I love the swirl of the toe, but my cast on could be tighter. Oh well, it's my first go, right? I love the lace pattern and it's an incredibly simple stitch pattern.
Here is the bottom - see the cool swirl? I'm pretty proud of it :) In one day of knitting I got farther in the pattern than I had years ago - and I had worked on it for at least a week, lol. Nice to see my skills have progressed a bit. Sadly, I haven't been able to work on it since Sunday because of my mad dash to finish presents this week. I am itching to get this baby on my foot and try out my first hand knit sock!

The rest of my projects are not safe to share here, but it won't be long before they are revealed! Wish me luck at getting it all done in time :)

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