Wednesday, November 19, 2014

WIP Wednesday

The Christmas crafting continues! I've been quite the busy bee lately with it and I've managed to finish everything I was working on ... ! Crazy. I keep having that dreaded feeling like I should be making something, but then I remember I finished them, lol. Anyway, so I'll start by showing you my sweater ... as usual, haha.
Definite progress! I'm almost finished with the neck bind off at the back :) I've done the actual "neck" section and I'm about 3 rows from binding off the right shoulder.
Last night I found myself with no gift project in the works (gasp!), so I started planning and was struck with genius to make this project for another person on my list :) This person could possibly read my blog, so I will not say who it's for or what it is (I figure I'm so early on it could look like quite a number of things, so it's safe to post). This is a wool blend yarn so it will be machine washable - it's Schachenmayr SMC Northern Worsted with Wool yarn in Lilac and it's deliciously soft :) I'm sure the recipient will like it.
So, that's all that's "in progress" at the moment. I'll be slamming you with quite a few finished items over the next few days - only those that I feel are safe to post though. Some of them I'll have to wait until after Christmas and keeping them secret is KILLING ME! I can't wait to show them off, lol.

All this looking through patterns and yarn has me itching to make things for myself (I know, I'm so selfish). I'm sure I'll have to squeeze something in the next few weeks especially since it's getting cold fast (it was 40° F this morning when I woke up! I'm sure most of you are cursing me for that, lol).

Do you have any holiday projects going yet?

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