Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday Sew-A-Thon: Mending At Long Last

I've found myself in a strange situation for the past two weekends. Now that my husband's work schedule has him working on Saturdays, I have the whole night to do whatever I want ... so after I catch up on reading blogs, I have to decide what to do with my time. At first I hem and haw, but if there aren't any family b-day parties to attend, I end up wanting to sew. 
This past Saturday, I started by altering my Classy Parisian Top. An hour later, I started searching my mending basket for inspiration on what to come next. My sister bought my nephew some new jeans the next size up, but they ended up too long - by more than you could really just scrunch up at the ankles without him tripping over. She wanted me to just cuff them on the outside so we could just let the hem out when he grows into them (which let's face it, that will be in maybe a week and a half, lol). This was a very easy alteration, but I had to do it by hand. Kids certainly have tiny pant leg diameters, so much so that I couldn't fit it in my machine. I made sure to line up the top stitching so at a glance you don't even see the cuff. This way, we can just run a seam ripper up there and it's like this alteration never happened.
Next on the mending agenda was to finally tackle this skirt I've only worn maybe twice. My mom got it for me as part of my Easter Outfit about 3 (maybe 4) years ago. I wore it that day, maybe once more, only to have the blind hem come completely out in the wash. That was literally the only problem with this skirt, and I just never did it til now. Shameful, I know. I think about a year ago I actually bought the matching bright red-orange thread. Still never did it.
The truly sad part of this fix is that I think it took all of 10 minutes and that was including winding a bobbin and ironing. My machine makes blind hemming completely mindless and it comes out great every time. Love it! Just look at that hem :) Now I can finally wear this again. After all this time, I think I can count this as a new skirt, he he.

After this fix, I grabbed one of my oldest WIPs in my closet and spent the rest of my night on it. You'll be seeing it very soon :)

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