Friday, September 19, 2014

FO Friday: Ashton Mystery Revealed! Meet Larry :)

This past month has been one of my favorite annual events - the FreshStitches Mystery Crochet Along! The way it works is that there are 3 clues each containing several pieces to crochet. You have no idea what you are making - you just follow all the directions and collect your pieces, waiting for the final clue that tells you how to put them all together. After completing all my pieces, my project looked like this:
I played around with where the pieces could go and tried to figure out what it would be, but I had absolutely no idea, lol. I knew those blue pointed pieces would be ears, and that the big piece was the body, and I had a suspicion about the others but that was it. I just embraced the surprise of the whole thing and waited for the final clue to be released this past Monday. So, without further ado, this year's mystery animal is:
A super cute puppy! I've decided to name my guy here Larry - he looks like a Larry, no? I really love the shape of him, very unconventional compared to the bodies of other FreshStitches animals. This guy just makes you want to hug him, which is exactly what my toddler nephew did as soon as I showed it to him (after the hug, he tossed him aside, but we'll take the hug as a good sign, lol).
The legs are attached flat to the body, which makes them easy to bend so he can sit down. The points of his ears are tacked down to stay in that folded over position. I think he's just adorable :)
He even has a cute little tail! Since I had no idea what I was making, I just went with crazy colors that I loved. I used Red Heart With Love in Jadeite (seriously my favorite color right now) and Peacock. They are a really nice combo and I think it came together nicely.
Look at that face :)
I had so much fun with the mystery this year and I just love the design - Stacey has done a great job again at stumping us all! If you've never participated in a mystery crochet along before, I highly recommend it - they are a blast and it's so much fun to see the creatures everyone else makes. I will definitely keep up what is now my tradition (this is my third time making the FreshStitches mystery animal). I hope you join us too!

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