Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cherry, Cherry Plantain

I gushed so much about my first Plantain that you must have known it would be my first one to repeat :) I've been itching to show you this one, because it has turned out to be my favorite of all!
This is my second time using the Plantain pattern from Deer + Doe within 2 days - since the Saturday night version ended up too sheer to wear, it's only fair that I make another right away that I CAN wear, right? This is also my first time using knit fabric that wasn't from a thrift store (gasp!) - I know, I can barely believe it myself :) This fabric came from my latest Sewing Studio haul on the 4th of July. The fabric was a garment industry remnant, so the content is a complete mystery. It's wonderfully soft, doesn't like to hold water (which means it dries fast), and repels wrinkles. I seriously wish I knew what it was so I could buy more, lol. The fabric cost me $7.20 for 2 yards and I still have a decent amount left since it was at least 62" wide.
This time around I used a 3/8" seam allowance on the sleeves with 5/8" everywhere else and this seems to have solved both my weird wrinkles and my snug sleeves issue - woo hoo!
Of course, I included the elbow patches again :) My elbow patches are from a raspberry colored thrift store interlock knit - I cut out a different shirt in the fabric while I cut out the fabric for this shirt, then used the raspberry remnants to make the patches - efficiency, folks.
And if you can't tell, I absolutely love the patches on this version :) They aren't an exact match of the cherries on the base fabric, but it's like a darker shade of the same color so it works great.
I know it's hard to see in the photos, but the fabric is actually lots of cherries going every which way on a pale blue background :) So cute. It was very handy that they are turned this way and that because I didn't have to worry about the fabric's direction at all while cutting. The fabric's soft texture gives it kind of a worn in look, but in a good way. I'm sure this was probably used as kid's pjs it's so soft. So comfy to wear! The print is what gives the shirt it's name too - gotta love Neil Diamond, amiright? "She got the way to groove me." (I've included the song at the bottom of this post if you aren't familiar with it. Seriously, go educate yourself!)
My only minor snaffoo this time was that it seems I pulled on the base fabric around the front curve of the neckband a little. It's not incredibly noticeable though, and I'm sure I've purchased rtw shirts that have this as well. I guess it just happens sometimes. Oh well, I was not about to unpick all that, lol. See how nice and neat the neckband is inside? I just love it.
And here's a proper view of the elbow patch laid flat - love it! And this time I mustered up my courage and did my twin needle hems and top stitching on the neckband with contrasting raspberry thread. I used white inside since the stitches would show outside occasionally and it stood out, but I changed to raspberry for anything outside. I really love how professional this makes it feel :) Also, I have already machine washed this bad boy and everything is still intact - score!
So, I think it's safe to say I am a Plantain-a-holic now. I have a stack of other knits that would work great for this pattern and I'm fighting the urge to just make them all right now. I want to space it out a bit - I'll enjoy this one for a bit before I make another. But there will definitely be another! This is certainly my favorite t-shirt I've made so far :)
This also means I have another entry in the Let's Sew Deer + Doe Sewalong. I wonder how many Plantains I will have entered into the pool by the end of the year, lol.

Fabric: 2 yards mystery knit from The Sewing Studio, $7.20
Pattern: Plantain by Deer + Doe, Free!
Hours: About 4

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