Friday, August 8, 2014

FO Friday: Say Hi To Cinderella

My second princess doll is finished! Here's Cinderella :)
Isn't she cute? Even though it was an interesting experience making her, I can put that aside because she's so adorable.
I love her little headband and earrings!
For this little lady, I used the Cinderella Amigurumi Doll pattern by Sahrit Freud-Weinstein. I said quite a bit about these patterns when I made Jasmine a few weeks ago, and the same problems ring true. I had so many issues with this pattern - so much so that I made the first arm at least 4 times before it looked right. I aslo have a big issue with the widely ranging sizes of the dolls. You'd think that a set of similarly designed dolls from the same pattern designer would all be close to the same size, right? Apparently not. This lady is designed to be only 5" tall! Jasmine came out almost 8", granted I did make her with a bigger hook, etc, but I did those same changes to this doll and she would not get bigger. I ended up having to add several rows and increases to the bodice and skirt (after making it entirely and seeing it was too small, I had to unravel it and start again ... yeah). She's still a bit short at only 6", but she's really cute anyway. Plus, considering no girls in the kingdom had a foot as small as her, I'm guessing she was rather petite anyway :)
Also, she has nothing under that skirt! It may be a good thing, since this way it can be played with like a puppet too, but I was expecting at least legs or something, you know? Especially since she's famous for her shoes! 

For those who are interested, I used Red Heart With Love in Daffodil for the hair, Vanna's Choice in Beige for the skin, Baby Bee Sweet Delight Pomp in Bare Blue for the lighter blue, and some unknown yarn for the main blue (yay for stash yarn). I really love the color combo :)
In spite of the pattern weirdness, I love how cute she is, don't you?! I'm very excited to get these to their new home. I just have to make the final princess and then they will be off to Japan.

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