Wednesday, July 9, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Things have taken a nice turn around these parts lately. I had my husband ask the zombie-recipient's-dad when the birthday is (meaning when does it need to be done), and I found out it's July 31st! Hizzah! My husband has just told me "July" from the beginning, so I've been really worried it wouldn't be finished. Now I don't have to doggedly plug away at the zombie while forsaking all other responsibilities like I was doing for the past few weeks. In celebration, I spent a little time on my Myrna :)
I knitted a few hours on it this weekend and it is almost back to the point it was at before I frogged the whole thing. Yay! And even better - it fits! My gauge is still tighter than listed in the pattern, but I'm knitting the same size. It looks like it will come out with just a bit of negative ease - perfect! I can't wait to get more done on it. I'm fairly certain I will be dying the finished result though. I've been mulling over it while I knit and I honestly don't have anything to wear with a cream colored sweater. Now to just pick what color I would wear. Decisions, decisions.
On the zombie front, I have the actual doll completely finished except his hair. I've finished the fronts of his sweater and I'm almost finished with the back. I still have to finish the sweater, make pants, and make a rat - then it's done! I can't wait, lol, mostly just so I don't feel guilty it isn't done anymore.
 Don't you just love how his sweater compliments his ... eye :)
I've also been in a very "get-stuff-done" type of mood lately. So much so that I did a mega deep clean on my living room. It's been an embarrassing wreck ever since our office flooding incident, and now it looks great :) As a reward for my hard work Sunday night, I spent Monday night working on my long anticipated dress! I finally put in the zipper and honestly it doesn't look too bad. This is my first time doing a slot seam zipper, so I'm really happy with it. That said, I'm not happy with how the dress fits now. I'm not sure how it happened, but when I put the dress on with the zipper it looks like my boobs are being bound down and I get wrinkles above them at my arm pits. Also the arms are weird, but that's my fault for not including them in any of my 3 muslins of this bodice. Rrrrr... Oh well. This was meant to be kind of a wearable muslin anyway, so I'm not too beat up about it. I just wish I knew how to fix these issues so that I could make it in the future without all the problems.
That's all that's going on around here (except for a crazy amount of sorting and cleaning and getting-rid-of). Head over to Tami's Amis' Blog to see what others have going on :)

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