Thursday, July 31, 2014

Things of Interest: July

Well, I haven't officially put up a Things of Interest post since April, lol, sounds about right for me, really. That doesn't mean that I wasn't collecting links to share with you - I was just too lazy to put them into a blog post. So, this is technically all the links I meant to share in May, June and July. Enjoy!
  • The image above is just one from how to knit according to stock photos on Buzzfeed. I think my other favorite is the girl in the cubicle, lol.
  • Even though summer is technically on its way out for most of you, here in Florida we still have months left of it, lol, so this list of summer read suggestions from other authors may be handy :)
  • With our current world constantly going through trends and fashions in a weeks time, out culture has become extremely wasteful (not to mention expensive to keep up with!). This article really struck home with me on how we should stop focusing on the cheap items to comply with trends and instead buy clothing for life. Working in an industry that is fueled by trends, I can tell you that paying more for fewer items really does lead to a higher quality product that will last you (potentially) a lifetime.
  • Esther Honig put a simple photo of herself up online and asked other forum members to "Make Me Beautiful". This project ended up being a really great example of how our cultural affects what we see as beautiful. Just scroll through the different images to see what I mean.
  • If you're a mega-nerd like me, you will appreciate this tutorial on how to knit a working circuit.
  • I know it's tacky for me to post a list of links that includes someone else's list of links, lol, but this really amazing collection of links is worth you checking every single one. I need one of those city maps in my house. right. now. Along with one of those architectural carved stones - amazing. And check the last link - I'm a sucker for anything NASA related.
  • I find myself frequently looking up different kitchen measurement conversions when I'm cooking new recipes, so this kitchen measurements chart would be incredibly handy to print out and keep inside a cabinet door or something.
  • This artist brings books to life with wire - such a neat idea.
  • This Navy Seal's speech at the commencement ceremony at the University of Texas at Austin this year is full of great advice to apply to you life.
  • These Social Issue Ads are absolutely amazing. The people behind some of these really know what they are doing. Man, the "thumbs up" ones are killer.
  • We aren't the only generation interested in color theory. This Medieval version of Pantone's colors was produced in 1692 and is 800 pages long!
  • This can seem kind of political to post, but this Princeton student's 'Check your privilege' article is a great reminder to not make assumptions of others based on looks.
  • I'm sure you all know my obsession with names by now, lol, but this article on The Surprising Way Your Name Affects Your Life solidifies my opinion with a little social science to back it up. 

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