Wednesday, June 18, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Well, I'm knee deep in Zombie Land again! After the crazy amount of work that my last zombie was I had pretty much sworn off making more... But then mention to me that the chronically sick child of my husban'd co-worker thought it was awesome and that her birthday is coming up in July ... and here we are again, lol. Honestly, I can't say I didn't want to make another - the last guy came out so cool - and this time I had ample time to not stress over it. Fast forward a few months and  I find myself with 2 weeks to make one again. Whoops!
I've knitted most of the pieces, now I've got to start the assembly. I will say I've been a bit smarter about the pieces this time - I'm eliminating as many seams as is humanly possible. For example, I just knit the intestines as i-cord. I mean, why wouldn't you, right? At least I know that this time. I'm also doing the red sleeves for inside the legs and arms as well as the brain and brain pocket in the round. I'm hoping to save some of that seaming time :) So I've had to kind of put all my other projects aside while I crank this guy out. I'm really excited to see how he comes out!
I also made the unfortunate decision to scrap out my Myrna sweater. It was just so big that I knew I'd never wear it, so why keep working on it like that? I'd put off the actual frogging just since I knew I couldn't work on it anyway (plus I kind of dreaded all that pulling by hand, lol). On Monday though I had a pretty bad day, so when I came home I just decided to do it and did - and let my tell you, if you ever need to get yourself out of a funk, unravel a sweater, lol. It was quite therapeutic. I even rigged up my yarn winder so that I didn't have to do it by hand! I just hooked in the yarn, weighed down the sweater and cranked. I even made a video so you can see how cool it was:
lol How awesome is that? I had to use both of my hands on unraveling (one to turn the crank and one to guide the yarn), so I actually held the phone in my mouth to take this video - ha! I'm sure it looked pretty silly to the dog, but I just couldn't resist a cool video. Anyway, that totally did the trick for my mood. And here is my nephew modelling the sweater as it stands now:
lol Isn't he cute? He loves to hold my yarn for me. So, once I finish my zombie I will get going on this sweater again on the recommended needle size.
Also, I've finally figured out my button situation on my Miette cardigan :) I settled on some dark mother of pearl (genuine pearl) buttons from my stash ... but I only had 5 of them. So, I have searched high and low and I will do the top ones in the 5 that match and then the bottom 3 will be the same material and size but just slightly different. I'm happy with it :) I've seriously shopped everywhere (in stores and online) and no one has anything close to what I want. I'm hoping to block and finish this soon!
And on an unrelated note - look at my first crop from my garden! Two teeny tomatoes and a big red pepper :) I can't wait to eat them!
That's it for my this week! Head over to Tami's Amis' Blog to see what others are up to :)

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