Thursday, May 1, 2014

Me Made May 2014 - I'm In!

I've been a follower of Me Made May ever since I got into sewing blogs . I've watched longingly the last 2 years as others wear their handmade items and report with photos. As much as I love sewing and creating, I've never really had much to use for MMM. I've always just watched from the sidelines feeling like I couldn't keep up with the others. This year though, Zoe's opening post really made me feel differently. Me Made May isn't about imposing impossible challenges on yourself and feeling like a failure for falling short. It's about using the things that you've made, even when you maybe haven't worn them much for whatever reason. So this year, I am going to do what I can ...

 'I, Megan of 'Show and Tell Meg' blog, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '14. I endeavour to wear all of the clothing and accessories I have sewn, knit, or altered thus far over the course of May 2014'

I am completely confident that I can accomplish this :) I will use this month to appreciate the things I have been able to accomplish, and to be inspired by the things that others have made. If time permits, I hope to make at least 1 sewn item, which would definitely be the "challenge" part of my pledge, but I will not be too hard on myself if I can't do it. I have so much going on with my house and family stuff that I can't guarantee enough time. It would be nice though :) I also pledge to finish and wear my Miette cardigan this month - this I know is do-able.

So check back every now and then to see how I do! And head over to the MMM '14 Flickr Group to watch others report on their pledges as well.

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