Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WIP Wednesday - A Mystery No More!

This week has been all about knitting toys :) I ended up finishing one last night and I can't resist giving you a sneak peek.
Isn't it cute?! lol I figured that this picture of it wouldn't give away the surprise. So check back on Friday to see what it is.
I've also been diligently working on the Fuzzy Mittens Mystery Knit-Along. Clue 4 was released on Friday and I am now completely caught up! I think we can drop the notion of it being a mystery now, as clearly it's going to be a kangaroo :) Which is what I thought as soon as I made the feet oddly enough.
The 4th clue was her head and it was the photos for the embroidery that really gave it away. I love how she's coming out and the only part I don't love is my eye lashes - they kind of disappear in between the stitches. The ones you see here were after countless times of stitching and pulling out, so they are staying, lol. I'm really excited to get the two final clues and put it all together!
I'm also well into reading Watership Down by Richard Adams. I really knew nothing going into reading it, but I have really enjoyed it so far - I'm a little more than halfway through. The book is about rabbits, which automatically brings thoughts of children's books to mind, but this is one of those stories that can be enjoyed at any age. Incidentally, I now want to knit a rabbit, lol.
So that's what I've been making lately :) Head over to Tami's Amis' Blog to see what others are working on too!


  1. love the kangaroo...I always like the idea of a mystery knit-a-long but some how when it comes to participating it seems like life always comes up and no matter how hard I try I don't finish so I just watch from the outside.
    can't wait till friday when we get to see what is inside your egg.

    1. I know what you mean - I've had to pass on quite a few lately (they all seem to be themed around holidays which are crazy times for me), so I was really excited to find this one and be able to actually participate!

  2. The Kangaroo is adorable! Wish I liked knitting stuffed toys, but a run in with a sock monkey doll just killed it for me. LOL!

    1. That's funny - I am the opposite, lol. I make other things, but they are never as fun as making the toys for me. I enjoy the finished objects of other items, but the toys are just cuter, so I think that's a big motivator for me. At least you know what works for you :)


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