Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thrifting Thursday

Man, it has been a long time since I did a Thrifting Thursday post. That doesn't mean that I haven't been thrifting - Oh, no! I've just been too lazy to photography it, lol. I had a great haul this week though, so it motivated me to show it off :) First off, let's examine a few gems that I did not purchase...
Is this not the sexiest wooden cow statue you've ever seen? I mean, for real. I almost wish I had bought it just to give as a gag gift to someone, lol.
Or how about this lovely wall hanging. Before you ask, yes those are colored pieces of shell and macaroni noodles with corn kernels and mice. I'm thinking the owner of this was also the owner of sexy-cow.

So now onto the things I did buy :)
These craft books all came from a few different shops, but just that Jiffy-Lace book alone is one I've been on the look out for. I actually almost bought it online, lol, good thing I didn't. The Laces and Edgings book is from 1943, and the Threads Magazine is from 1988 and it has a big article on hand knit mittens complete with patterns :) Yay patterns!
The Child's World is a very unassuming looking book from the outside. It was published in 1959 and I am so glad I took a second to open it up ...
 Look how pretty the illustrations are!
 I'm figuring even if I don't want to keep it as a book, the illustrations would make nice framed pictures.
Also in kids books, I found these. The two with dust jackets are in pristine condition and the illustrations are great - thus the Caldicot medals. The third book is called Once Upon a Fairy Tale - it's missing its jacket, but it's brand new other than that - it's all fairy tales read by random actors - it includes a cd of the stories.
These were just too cool not to buy. This is all sheet music from the 1930s and before. I picked through a big stack of awesome music and I picked these for their artwork. I think these would look really cool hung above my piano eventually.
This boat is actually a sweet pop up book! I got it for my nephew ... for when he's a little older and can appreciate a paper pirate ship playset contained in a book. It even has little pirates and treasure and stuff.
The little recipe book is from 1956 and it's all recipes made using the Electric Blender - new and fashionable appliance that it is, lol. It includes such recipes as carrot, pickle, peanut cold salad ... yum ... I've also been known to pick up these Stitch By Stitch book sfrom time to time. They are from the early 1980s and it was a whole set you could buy (there are at least 20 books). I picked up this one because it had some toy patterns in it :)
This final set is the pièce de résistance. A local thrift store had - no joke - two entire pattern file cabinets filled with patterns from the 1960s - 1980s. I went through the entire lot - I think it took me about an hour. These were obviously all from the same lot, probably a seamstress. All the womens patterns were size 16 (easy to grade up or down), and the drawers were separated by kids, womens, mens, and crafts. So cool. I won't lie, I bought a bunch more than what I've pictured here, these were just some of the coolest.  Look at the popples! And the Rainbow Bright! And the Puffalumps! Holy crap! I can make my own popples! I also made out like a bandit on jumpsuit patterns - who knew these were so sought after? Seriously, that adult footy pajama one alone sells for upwards of $30 online.

So that was my excitement for the day/week! Eventually several of these will make it into my Etsy shop :) Hooray for thrift stores!

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