Saturday, March 1, 2014

Things of Interest: February

I loved this pug Valentine, lol.
  • A pair of digital artists have animated a series of gifs that all feature glasses. Check out Bespecaled Animated Cinemagraphs - so cool.
  • NPR released this very interesting article that newer studies have shown that whole milk may keep you leaner.  Say what?! lol I think our whole view on food is about to change from our current "live better through chemical science" take to basically going back to a diet similar to 70 years ago. I've read countless articles in the last year about how all these foods we've been told were terrible for us and filled with harmful fats are actually good for us. The whole milk one is a surprise even to me. I'm not a milk drinker, but my husband is and he was raised on whole milk. 
  • This infographic shows Every Best Actress Winner's Dress since the Oscars began in 1929 - very cool to see them all together. It also lists the actress who wore it and the designer's name (if there was one).
  • The article Things You Do Everyday Have Changed The English Language As We Know It breaks down all the little grammatical changes that we "simplify" constantly, yet we can still understand it thereby changing our language little by little. I find things like this fascinating.
  • I feel like I owe my husband this shirt, lol if only it were totally true:
I know I read a bunch of other articles this month, but I didn't think to save the links at the time. Plus I read quite a few books, limiting my internet trolling a bit more than normal. I promise to have more interesting articles to share next month :)

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