Saturday, March 15, 2014

Look At This Cute Bunny Puppet! Plus A Sale!

I just found this pattern designer today and her designs are so adorable, I just had to share them with you :) Barbara Prime runs Fuzzy Mitten where she makes amazingly cute knitting patterns for toys. I randomly found one of her animals someone else had made on Ravelry, which made me look at her others and fall in love. I mean, look at this cuteness!
This is her Bunny Puppet pattern. I just love that sweet little face. I loved the design straight off, bu then I decided to read her blog and discovered that this pattern is currently 50% off both through Ravelry or her Etsy shop. Apparently the design is close to Barbara's heart, but has never had the sales success that her other patterns have, so she is hoping the sale will give it some more love. I hope she's right! This pattern is only $1.50 for the whole month of March! The sale certainly made up my mind - I already bought the pattern :) 
I'm not getting anything for posting about this, I just really thought her designs were lovely and worth sharing :) Have a look at the rest of her animals here. I can't wait to make this sweet little bun up and I know it won't be my last pattern from Barbara. Hooray for cute animal designs!

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