Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thrifting Thursday: Week 3

So the past few weeks I've been keeping my hand in at the local thrift stores here and there. I'm really glad I did because I scored some really nice clothes that already fit!
This jacket was $3 - a bit more steep than my usual $1 finds - but it was brand new with the tags still on it! It apparently was purchased on sale at JC Penney by the previous owner and then never worn - all the better for me :) The best part about this jacket it that it looks like a nice dressy blazer in a fun print, but it is actually A KNIT! So you get all the comfort of a t-shirt but it looks socially acceptable, so cool. Also the knit has a slight sparkle in the thread for an added bit of fun.
The black bolero is a lacy knit that I know I will get used a lot, the green button down is another that was obviously brand new (without the tags), oddly enough it was also from JC Penney (Worthington brand). I liked the color and the sleeves and the chrome buttons. The plaid skirt was a serious find - it's Pendleton Wool from the 60s! It's in great shape outside, but has a few little holes in the waistband lining. I will patch those and then this will go into my Etsy shop. The fun green skirt was another brand new with tags item. It's from Walmart (George brand), and was bought on clearance by the previous owner, but it fit great and it was such a fun print :) It's even lined! Much more than I would expect from Walmart clothing to be quite honest. And the dress in the corner is actually gray (sorry for the terrible picture - I didn't realize until it was too late to take again). The dress is a Jones New York brand that is in fantastic shape. It does have a little snagging going on in the lace top, but since the lace is completely unbacked, I need to change it before I can wear it anyway. Since this was only $1, I figured it was worth the effort it would take to fix.
The wooden toy was just too cool and I knew my nephew would love it. It was $5, but it's in great shape and hey, it's wood, it'll last forever. It's themed from a kid's show (I don't know the name but it must start with a W and there is a guinea pig and a duck), but I figured if I really want to I can sand off the emblems and paint something else over it. Luke doesn't care - he just likes to spin the little nobs :) The tote bag seems to be homemade by someone who really knows what they are doing. It's fully lined with self fabric and has a nice long pocket down one side. It closes with metal snap closures (further contributing to my homemade assumption) and I figure it will make a nice knitting project bag for only 25¢. And the sign, lol, that thing was just so weird I had to get it. I'm still deciding if I want to give it as a weird gift or sell it. I tried looking online but couldn't find any info on it - anyone know anything about it?
And finally I grabbed this clear box for $1 knowing it would prove useful somewhere in the house. It was obviously used as a makeup case by the previous owner, so I had to give it a thorough washing. While I was washing it I was struck with genius - it would be perfect to hold all the blades from my food processor! I'm always having to move them around to get to other items and I'm always afraid I will slip and slice my hand (those babies are really sharp). So once it dried, I put all the pieces in it and it worked perfectly. So nice and organized and no risk of random cuts :)

So that's it for this week :) I'm actually really surprised by all the nicer clothes I've been able to find for myself lately. Just goes to show you that you don't have to spend a ton of money - check the thrift stores!

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