Friday, January 17, 2014

Thrifting Thursday: Week 2

 I did do some thrifting this week, but I wanted to show off my most exciting new acquisition first :)

My sister Kelly's mother-in-law was going through some of her mother's old boxes and came across this lovely Vogue Knitting Magazine from 1948 and asked Kelly to give it to me! How awesome is this!
The cover is separated from the binding, but other than that it is in fantastic shape. Check out the patterns inside!
There are quite a few dresses, sweaters, jackets, and even a 1 piece bathing suit, lol. The book also has several different accessories as well as patterns for men and children.
I just love looking through it :) Once I have a sweater or two under my belt, I really want to tackle a vintage pattern, so maybe one of these would be a good candidate.
This is just an ad, but check out that plaid skirt!
The ads are honestly just as much fun to look through as the rest of the book. This one is my personal fav - I just love 40s and 50s graphics, lol. Look how happy/surprised she looks holding her Hero Standard needles. Love it.

As far as thrifting goes, I did find a few things this week :)
My thrifting patience was majorly rewarded at my local shop yesterday. A few months ago, I saw this Fire King Peach Lustreware for sale, but to be honest their prices were the same or even a little higher than I could buy the same items on ebay. This is serious pet peeve of mine with thrift stores. I am fine with them making a fair price, but they aren't retailers, you know? On that occasion a few months ago, the store was having a 50% off dishes and glassware sale, which would put these into a fair price, so I brought them up to the counter to buy them. The woman was not very nice and said that these weren't included in the sale and that there was a sign on them. There was no sign. Rather than get mad, I just put them back and didn't buy them. Well, apparently everyone else agreed with me that they were priced too high because they were still sitting in the same place (and same position!) that I left them in when I put them back. So yesterday when I saw they were still there, I made sure to ask if they were included in the "50% off everything in the store" sale - just to make sure since they weren't so nice about that last time. They said they were included just this week, so I grabbed these pieces :) I got a whole set of 12 cups that are in fantastic condition - they look like they were hardly ever used and they still shine like crazy. I also grabbed 2 large ramekins, 2 medium ramekins, and 5 small ramekins (3 that matched, 2 random designs). All of this ended up costing me $27! I washed them as soon as I got home and used a few of the ramekins to make crème brûlée at my husband's request :) I'm going to keep all these pieces for now - maybe I'll even start collecting them, who knows, lol - but it's nice to know that I got them at a fair enough price that I could make money on them down the road if I decide to sell them.
I also thought I made a great find at a different local shop with this Betty Crocker Picture Cook Book. I thought it was an original, but apparently they reprinted the original book in the 1990s, so this is a nostalgia copy. Even though I can't sell this as a vintage item, I do have a love ot cook books so it will be much loved in my collection, lol. All the recipes are the originals that were printed in the 1950s book and the illustrations are super cute, so I will have a lot of fun with it. I also grabbed The Aficionado's Southwestern Cooking book by Ronald Johnson. It's from the early 70s and the recipes look yummy, so I'll be keeping this one too. And I grabbed a few patterns from the 60s - I can never resist these - they will eventually end up in my Etsy store.
I also grabbed 5 records in the 50% off sale yesterday. I got Linda Ronstadt: A Retrospective, The Missing Persons, The Kinks One For The Road, Peggy Lee's Once More With Feeling and a set of 45s of soundtrack from The King and I film. I also did a little clothes shopping for myself. I grabbed the peach sweater and orange shirt at a different shop a few days ago. The sweater may not remain as it is - I may try to harvest the yarn from it - but it's really not a bad 90s design as it is so we'll see. The pieces at the bottom were all from the half price sale. I got a cropped long sleeve  teal angora sweater from Lord & Taylor ($1.25), a black remnant of cotton twill (25¢), a hand knitting pattern for a sweater - I've never seen a knitting pattern done like a sewing pattern before so I just had to grab it at 5¢, A knee length black and white drapey skirt (brand new with the tags on it for 50¢), and a plain teal t-shirt (50¢).

I've become a serious thrift store clothes hopper for myself in the last year. Now that I am more confident in my alterations skills, I don't mind grabbing pieces for cheap and changing them a bit. Plus if the alterations don't come out very great I'm not out a bunch of money so it's a win win :)

So it's been an exciting week for thrifting :) I may have to cut back a bit this week since I've grabbed so many things over the past few weeks, but I may not be able to resist the urge. We'll see, lol. Check back next week and find out!

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