Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thrifting Thursday: Week 1

So, I'm sure any long time readers know that I'm a big thrift store shopper. I'm pretty much addicted and I am lucky that I can frequently check the local shops on my lunch break at work. I've seen a few others post each week about their finds, so I thought this year I would join them. So here are the things I've found over the last few weeks :)
Here's a little Instagram collection of my finds (listed clockwise). First off - I got a huge bucket of yarn for 25 cents a skein. Lots of them were Red Heart Super Saver, but there were quite a few skeins of Artesano, and some mill end skeins of Lion Brand Homespun. I was too excited to pass them up :) I also got several old herbal medicine books. I'm always on the lookout for these for our emergency prepping, so I was glad to find so many. I also snagged this really cool ribbon storage box. It's from Craft Maids and it included several dividers so you can accommodate thinner or wider ribbon, also the previous owner had some ribbon already in there and it was all $2 :) The fabric bundle in the middle was also a thrift store find - it's at least 2 yards or so of a sheer blue plaid and it was 50 cents. Also last weekend while heading back from lunch I passed a house with a yard sale. I grabbed a sleeve pressing board (complete with gold lamé covers) for a whopping $1. I'm pretty sure it was only that cheap because the guy had no idea what it was, lol, which was great for me! The yard sale also had these 3 craft-style storage drawers. Each unit has 2 drawers and they are a great size - I knew I would be able to use them in my sewing room. They were $2 for the lot.
I also got a nice item for my future kids - a roller coaster! This baby is exactly like the one I would always play with when I went to the doctor's office as a kid :) It's wood and metal and in great shape (especially considering its age). I'm letting my nephew use it until I need it, so he'll definitely get a lot of use out of it, lol.
Then today I went by a different thrift store and almost squealed when I found these records. I'm a huge Huey Lewis fan, and Sports is a great album. I made sure to listen to it as soon as I got home :)
I grabbed a few shirts for myself as well, but I was super excited about this fantastic coat. It's an olive green wool with a rabbit fur collar and it's from the late 1960s. It has no tag, so it seems to have been custom made for someone. It's very well made, as evidenced by the bound button holes and the lip inside the collar. The button are just plastic, but they match the coat great. The best part about it ... it's fits me! Usually coats I find are too small, but this one fit great. It has a bit of an old person smell to it, but I am planning several experiments to get rid of that :)
See how nicely finished it is? And it's in fantastic condition. I paid $25 for this, frankly that's a bit much for me, but it's real fur and it fit me - enough said :) I can't wait to get rid of the smell so I can wear it during the next cold snap.

And that concludes my first Thrifting Thursday! Check back next week to see more sweet finds. I also plan to be better about adding things to my Etsy store, so throughout the year you will see a few items here first, then in the shop :)

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