Friday, January 31, 2014

FO Friday, Part 1: Meet Petunia Pig!

Well, I gave a little teaser of this project on Wednesday, and today I finally get to reveal my first animal since December - I've been in withdrawals, I swear! Meet Petunia Pig!
This pattern was gifted to me by the oh, so generous Natasja from My Crochet Plush and I was itching to make it all month. I needed a baby gift for a girl at church so I used it as an excuse to make this, lol, what baby girl doesn't need a cute little piggy friend?
The pattern is Phoebe the Pig by Adrialys and the yarn happens to be unknown acrylic yarn that I bought from a thrift store for 25¢ each! They just happened to be the perfect color combo, if I do say so myself. The yarn was really thick, plus I crochet really tight, so my piggy came out a little less plump than the example photo in the pattern, but I still like just as well.
The things I really loved about this pattern were the nose and the hooves. Just so cute! The nose was my teaser photo (posted here) - I lined it with a piece of a milk jug to stabilize the shape. I wish I'd had a clear jug handy because you can sometimes see the yellow a bit, but at least this makes it still washable. The arms and feet hooves are actually done in two different ways to make the arm a bit smaller than the leg. I love both methods and think they came out super cute.
And of course the back view. I like how the ears are droopy, kind of like a dog's would be. 
And no pig is complete without a curly tail! The tail has a hidden secret - there's a pipe cleaner in there so you can bend it in a spiral. I even had a pink pipe cleaner on hand, what are the odds :)

I really love this little piggy and I hope that its new owner does too!

This is just PART 1 of my FO Friday posts. Stay tuned for my other - it will be epic as promised!

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  1. Love this little piggy! Great idea with the pipe cleaner tail!


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