Friday, January 17, 2014

FO Friday: Another Piece Done!

So technically this isn't a completely finished object, but it's a finished piece of what will become an object, lol. I've missed not being able to post any finished items over the last few weeks since I've been working on such a large project. So today you get to look at my sleeve, lol.
My sweater is sailing right along. I found a new show on Netflix and I've been knitting at night when my husband goes to work until I go to bed while watching Call The Midwife. It's addicting I warn you, lol. So I was able to finish this entire sleeve in less than 1 day. Now I just need to make the other sleeve and I can start assembling! I'm so excited!

That's all I've been working on this week. You can check out what others have made over at Tami's Amis blog :)

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