Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WIP Wednesday + A Gift For the Knitter Who Has Everything ...

Well, I'm still in full gift-making mode at the moment. I don't have any new wip shots to show (though I did finish a few - you'll see them on Friday), but something came into the store that I just had to share.

For those of you who don't know, I work in a jewelry store. On top of selling and repairing, we also buy gold and silver over the counter and sell it to a refinery. Our refinery guy comes once a week to buy what we have to scrap out, and this week he brought in something another store had sold to him just to show me.
Know what it is? Here's a top view:
 It's a yarn holder! It's solid sterling silver!
It's a perfectly round sphere with a hole at the top for the yarn to come out. There is a weight at the bottom to keep it from rolling. When you take the weight out, this baby weighs 350 grams of sterling silver. Want to see what makes it even cooler?
It's from Tiffany & Co. I can't find any info on when it was made, but they certainly don't make it anymore. Sadly, it was already destined to be a gift for someone else, but it was exciting to take a look at. It's also engraved "A Tale of Two Cities" C.G.G. I have no idea what the tale of two cities is supposed to mean, but I assume the CGG is the initials of its original owner. Can you imagine getting a solid sterling silver yarn holder? Crazy. This is truly the gift for the knitter who has everything :)

Anyway, sorry I don't have a wip to show, but I figured that other knitters out there would get a kick out of this fancy tool. To see what others have in progress (actual yarn items, lol), check out Tami's Amis' blog :)


  1. That's awesome! Find myself suddenly coveting such a yarn holder! :)

  2. How amazing to have one is S.Silver!!!


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