Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Another Christmas Gift!

So I've still been making Christmas gifts, but this week I actually have something to show that it still in progress :)

*Shannon - if you are reading this, stop now!*

I'm almost finished making a Hello Kitty :) I used this pattern which is a free pattern I found through Ravelry. I did modify the pattern a bit to make her shorter - I shortened every piece from the head to the legs, I just left out a few plain stitch rows here and there. The pattern pieces were a breeze to make, but holy cow the head...
This head and face too me almost 2 hours to assemble! The pattern gives no directions as to placement of anything, so you just have to eye-ball it all. Which entailed me stitching an ear on, not liking how round or flat it was, picking it off, then staring at both ears on the head thinking it just didn't look right... The eyes were nuts - I think I stitched and then unpicked them about 8 times before I liked them. I'm happy with the outcome and I think the face looks great, but because of the lack of instruction there I would not recommend this pattern unless you've made a lot of amigurumi before.
So here she is in all her naked glory, lol. I'm still going to make her a dress and then attach her head. I have to make up my own pattern for the dress since the one the pattern gives is knitted and I need it faster than that. This baby needs to be in a box on its way to Japan this week! So, hopefully she is naked no more after tonight :)

I'm very excited to show my items that I've finished over the last 2 weeks (since I was so crazy busy I forgot to post it last week). So check back for them on Friday :)

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