Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fun In The Mail - My Second Christmas!

I came home from work last night to a large pile of packages - who doesn't like that, right? One package in particular had been anticipated for a whole month:
So accurately warned was the packaging - and look at that pretty floral tape! What awesomeness could possibly lurk inside?
A set of Knit Pro Waves crochet hooks! I entered a giveaway on A Creative Being back in November and ... I Won! I was seriously ecstatic - this set sells for $46 here (and in the US they are called Knitter's Pride Waves, just so ya'll know). The generous Wink shipped these to me all the way from Holland, so I knew it would take a while for them to show up. It renewed my excitement though since I had no idea when to expect them - I checked the mail everyday in anticipation, lol. Thank you so much, Wink! I swear I will put them to good use. Interestingly enough, I've never used any hooks except the cheap Boye set I learned on, so it will be a fun experience :)
Another package from Hong Kong brought another yarny surprise - a yarn winder! My husband bought this through ebay for me for Christmas, but it had a long way to travel so it just arrived :) I can't wait to wind up some of the hanks I've had laying around in wait of such a contraption - no more winding by hand. Yippee!
The final 2 packages contained yet another exciting craft implement. More Sizzix Paddle Punches! Truth be told, I really wanted this set for the basic shapes like circles so I could use it for eyes on my animals. I was super grateful that my in-laws bought me the sets they did, but I needed those circles which are very hard to come by online for a reasonable price. So, I bought an entire set on Ebay that included them :) I'm keeping the circles and squares and will sell the rest online - probably through Etsy. So if you're in need of a starter set or a leaf punch, send me a message! I ordered the balloon punch separate through Etsy - just cut off that little balloon tip and it's a large circle :) I can't wait to use these!

So these all added a nice little touch of excitement to my time off for New Years :) Have you gotten anything fun in the mail lately?

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