Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Christmas Gift #1

I've been quite the stitching machine lately, but I've actually finished my projects! So, I only have one thing to show today :)
(Photo courtesy of CraftyRed)
My youngest sister saw this cowl on Pinterest and has been begging me to make it for the last several months. I decided to make it part of her Christmas gift :) The blog post about this cowl was nice enough to link to the pattern and list the changes she made, so I tried to follow it as best I could. Sadly, the original maker was English and used a yarn that not only is not available in the states, but it's also discontinued. So, I searched for a reasonable alternative and settled on Lion Brand Hometown USA in LA Tan. I'm using a size N hook. Here is my version so far:
This sucker is a yarn hog! The fabric is seriously so tight. I've used 2 full skeins and I can barely wrap it over its edge around my neck. So, I'm thinking it will need at least 1/2 a skein more. This thing is thick and heavy, but it it made the same as the inspiration so hopefully she still likes it. Now I have to get another skein to continue and I have to find some really big buttons that look similar to the inspiration.

I've got a list of other items to make as gifts over the next month, so you'll be seeing more posts like this :)

To see what others are making this week, check out Tami's Amis' blog!


  1. That so warm and if it's so thick I bet it will be great at keeping the winter winds out of her neck.
    Can't wait to see the other gifts you'll be posting on.

  2. It really is thick! lol I was surprised at how much yarn packed into those stitches. She is always cold, so it should help with that :)

  3. Nothing better than a thick, chunky cowl around the neck! I wish I wasn't the only crocheting/knitting sister in my family;) Your cowl is lovely.

  4. Looks lovely! It will keep her nice and warm! Love the color too!


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