Thursday, November 7, 2013

ModCloth 24 Hour Gift Sale - Great for Christmas Gifts!

So, it's that time again - Christmas shopping time. I'm constantly stuck with what to buy for each person on my list that they will love but also won't break the bank. Lucky for folks like me, ModCloth is having a 24 hour sale today - save 20% off gifts! I'm never one to pass up a sale, especially one at a store I love, so I've compiled a list of a few of my favs here just to give you a taste.

My Favs:
Seriously, how cute is this 2014 Corgi Desk Calender?! I mean ... it's a corgi! We actually have a tradition in our house that we always have a corgi calendar. Yes, we're weird, but this will definitely fit the bill for next year :)

These Every Sizzle Day Oven Mitts would certainly make my husband happy. He would make mitts out of real bacon if it was heat protective.
Oh my gosh, they have the Knit Your Own Dog book and it is on sale! This would probably be a gift more for me than anyone else on my list, but I'm sure I could scrounge up a fellow knitter who would love it too :)
Here's another one for the husband/me. We've been talking about starting back up with our film photography lately at least once a month. This is the Lomography Konstructor camera - you build it in a kit :) And then use it!
This one has my sister's name all over it - it's a moon ... lamp! I got her a constellation lamp a long time ago and she loved it. I think she would appreciate this and it would look cool in her son's Star Wars room :)
How cute are these? They are the Stroke of Genius flats and my sister in Japan would absolutely love them :)

So, all of the items I have listed here are $35 or under - totally do-able for Christmas gifts :) Also, you can't forget ModCloth's super cute dresses and other unique clothes. I don't think I've ever met anyone who didn't love ModCloth's selection, so you really can't lose here.

So, head over here for the 20% off Gifts Sale at Modcloth! The sale is only 24 hours and ends Friday at 10am PST.

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