Monday, October 28, 2013

What Is Craftsy? (Plus Get Your Free Crafting Classes!)

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I know I've made no secret of my love for Craftsy classes on my blog. I'm sure some of you may be tired of hearing about it even, but I just wanted to take a minute and encourage any newbees to give them a try!
My Amigurumi Woodland Animals Class creations :)
What is Craftsy?
Craftsy is an online craft community that specializes in video classes. They also have a pattern marketplace where independent designers can showcase and sell their patterns for you to make your own fantastic creations. They have a supplies shop filled with yarn, fabric, books, tools, and class kits at discounted prices.They also have a project section where you can show off your creations to other Craftsy members :)
The first thing I ever knitted - the Lacy Keyhole Scarf - all thanks to Knit Lab Class :)
Craftsy has over 2 million members now and has really branched out in their class offerings. When I first joined, they only offered sewing, quilting, cake decorating and needlecrafts (knitting and crocheting). Now they have expanded to include photography, fine art, embroidery, cooking and much more. They are expanding all the time, so even if you had looked through them before and didn't see anything to spark your interest, take a look again and see all the new class offerings! It's coming up on the holidays and how nice would it be to include a few handmade gifts using a new skill or technique from a class you took?
All items I've made thanks to Craftsy classes: (clockwise from left: Gray Cambridge Scarf from the Knit Lab Class, Red Broomstick Scarf from the Beyond Basic Broomstick Lace Class, Amigurumi Elephant from the Wee Ones - Knit Toys Class, and my Giraffe from the (Not So) Itty-Bitty Giraffe Class.
Why should I take a class online?
Why not?! That's what I say :) The best part about Craftsy is that the classes are taken completely on your schedule. There is no time to report to a certain place on a certain day - your class takes place whenever and wherever you want, including laying in bed in your pjs (yes, I have totally watched classes in bed, lol). You get to learn all these wonderful skills in your own home, with tools you are familiar with, and there is no one around to hinder your creativity - just you and the very encouraging Craftsy community :) Also, youre class is yours forever! You can watch it over and over again, as many times as you want - there is no expiration date or monthly membership fee to worry about. Once it's yours, it's yours. I have so many wonderful skills that I have developed due to a Craftsy class, and honestly I enjoy watching the classes even if I'm not making the item right then. I'm constantly impressed by how many little things you can learn just by watching a skilled crafts person do their thing.
My gorgeous Queen of Sheba Chocolate Torte from the Decadent Chocolate Cakes Class 
I have learned so much from Craftsy, as you can see from my photos in this post. I've learned much more though that I have yet to complete an item from the class to show. A few of my "Mending Monday" posts have been results of things I've learned in classes. My sewing is so much better and things tend to go smoother lately because of little tips and tricks I've learned in the many classes I've watched. I have a few projects lined up from the sewing classes - I just haven't devoted the time to actually make them yet (shameful, I know).

Want to try Craftsy for Free?
Craftsy has 21 different mini classes that are completely free! just go here to browse the free class selection and give one of them a try (heck, why stop at one, they are all free!). You could be an addict like me in no time :) Craftsy classes may seem like a silly thing, but they have honestly made my life better. They are an enjoyable way to hone my skills and learn something new on my own terms and time and I hope you give them a try!

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