Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Thrilling Thrifting!

While on my lunch break yesterday, I went by a local church thrift store. I check there about once a week since it's so close to work and I usually come out with a little thing every now and then. Yesterday though, I hit the mother load. I had to make myself not look at several sections so that I could get back to work and not spend any more money, lol. Check out what I found:
I've literally never seen a single record album in this store before. As I was looking in their back room, I saw a man huffing and puffing while separating a large pile of new items and taking them to their sections in the store and there they were - a big stack of records. And these weren't the average Christmas and Christian 70s music records I usually find around here - they were all music that people sill listen to. I jumped on the stack and started going through them afraid that someone else would swoop in and buy them before I could, lol. I looked at each record I was interested in to see the actual lp's condition (how scratched it was), and I came out with these 14: The Beatles - The White Album, Let It Be, Rubber Soul, Abbey Road, 1962 - 1966; The Eagles - Hotel California; Styx - Paradise Theater; Van Halen - Van Halen; Kansas - Point of Know Return; Creedence Clearwater Revival - Willy and the Poor Boys; James Taylor - Sweet Baby James; Queen - News of the World; Lynyrd Skynard - Skynard's First and Last; The London Howling' Wolf Sessions with Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Bill Wyman, and Charlie Watts. I went home last night and had a great little listening session and I am seriously amazed at the quality of these records - they play perfectly! I started it off with Van Halen and then switched to The Beatles and so on and so forth. It was pretty awesome.
I also found this nice little lithograph. It looks like a print that has been water colored by hand and it is all butterflies and flowers but in a funky blue and yellow color scheme. I think it will look nice somewhere in our house - I know I'll paint the outer frame silver though. It's really nicely matted and framed and here is what made it even cooler:
It says 95/200 Fantasia and is signed Pearl Abrams across the bottom. I've tried looking up the artist and can't really find much on her. Anyone know where to look? I did find 2 other lithographs of hers that were selling for $100 - $150, so that's reassuring :) I honestly just bought it because I liked it, but it's nice that it make be worth something too.
I also grabbed a Shrek cup from McDonald's for 50¢ (I have a little collection of these and we use them all the time) and this funky floral printed polyester twin sized flat sheet (yes, polyester, you read that right, lol). It's got a little sheen to the it and I figure I will use it as fabric.

So that was my bit of excitement so far this week :) How about you?

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