Monday, October 28, 2013

The Last Few Weeks

I have had a whirlwind of a month, folks. Normally I don't get too personal, but I just wanted to have a recap and hey, it's my blog, right? lol So, if you're not interested in personal life stuff - stop reading now :)

After we came back from our cruise 2 weeks ago, I immediately had to start cleaning and somewhat kid-proofing my house for house guests the next weekend. I cleaned and organized and fixed all week long to get ready and on Friday one of my best high school friends came to visit with her 2 kids. She and I were going to our 10 year high school reunion (so weird, seriously lol). All was well, we went to our shin-dig Friday night, picked up the kids, came home, went to bed, etc. At 3:15 am, I got a phone call from my husband to tell me he was hurt and going to the hospital. When your husband is a police officer, that is not a call you want to get. He was chasing a felon and fell on his elbow and thought it was broken. The hospital gave him an x-ray which showed no large fractures, but he could not rotate his arm or straighten it out, so the doctor said it was probably a radial fracture and he would need an MRI. They put it in a splint and I brought him home.
We got home just after 9 am. The cutest thing was how concerned the dog was :) He laid by Justin the whole time he slept. I tried to stay up with my house guests, but they were great sports about it all and I got a few hours of sleep midday. I got up at 3 pm and got ready for the main event of the weekend - my 10 year high school reunion.
As expected, my reunion was pretty weird, lol. Due to unintentional "Facebook stalking" over the years, I kind of knew what most people had been up to anyway; so as I predicted I would, I spent most of my time with "my people". My good friends from high school always have always made it a point to get together every few years. We've had Christmas get-togethers, summer parties, a few birthday bashes, etc, so it really hasn't been so very long since I saw them. We have even arranged for our own reunion/birthday event in January that will include several who couldn't make it to "the official reunion". The above photo is me with my bestest friends - Katrina and Taylor :)
And this photo is me and Taylor with the lovely Aimee - I think we were the only people to utilize the photo props the whole night :) We couldn't resist!

So yeah, reunions are weird, lol. End of story. After several weeks of fighting with the workman's comp people, my husband finally got an MRI and learned that his elbow was actually broken. Yes you read that right, my husband went 10 days before he even knew if it was broken and had it in a splint all that time with his doctors and workman's comp adjusters telling him to " go home and see if it feels better in a few days." We were told countless times how "60% of all workman's comp cases are fraudulent" every time we called to move things along. My husband was treated like a liar for weeks before he was even seen by an actual doctor. I could go on an on about our crazy and difficult ordeal, but I won't bore you hear. I'll just say - there's a little glimpse of what government run healthcare is like. End of rant.

Anyway, in other news - the following weekend I found some more fantastic records! This was my instagram shot of my favorite one - oh yeah!
And just for getting through this post, here is a cute photo of the Gordo :)

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