Monday, October 14, 2013

Mending Monday: Hand Hemming - Blind Style

My husband has only had 3 uniforms for work for over a year. This means they get washed all the time - seriously - and this gives them A LOT of wear. 
It seems that all 3 pairs of pants have hem seams that are falling out. I'm still not comfortable enough with my sewing machine to fix them that way, so I had to sew it by hand.
It doesn't help that the place that did the alterations didn't really do it well.
So I selected a thread - I ended up using navy even though the uniforms were originally black, lol. That's how many washings these have had. So I threaded my needle, tied the thread to itself at the ends, and started my stitches in the side seam.
I stitched along the same blind hem that was previously there. The stitch involved catching a good amount of fabric along the piece that would remain inside and just barely catching a few threads on the other side. This makes the stitches almost invisible from the outside (hence the name "blind hem"). I continued this stitch all the way around, then tied off under the side seam allowance.
Now my new hem is less visible than the one that was professionally done :)
And this is the view from the inside :) It may seem like a simple thing, but I'm pretty proud of the results and now my husband doesn't have to feel self conscious about his pant hem, lol.
So that's it - another simple mending project for the week. Incidentally the week after I hemmed these, my husband fell while wearing them and ripped a big hole in the knee, lol. Something to fix next time!

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