Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I've been working on a very old project in my down time from all my home projects. I actually started this last August (don't judge, lol) and I got it to the point that the pattern said to put it on scrap yarn and try it on. I will confess, this terrified me at the time. I was so worried that I would drop all my stitches and screw it up somehow. So, it has sat in a bag since probably about this same time last year. I started getting the itch to make a sweater with my new yarn, but I decided I should be responsible and finish my first sweater before I start another :) So I've been diligently working on this for the past week.
 This is the Minisweater/Boobholder pattern by Stefanie Japel. This is a free pattern and it's seriously cute :) It's a short, bolero type sweater that secures below the boobs with a single button. It has slightly puffed sleeves and a short collar. All in all, it's short and has short sleeves - basically it would just give me cute sleeves for my sleeveless shirts so it's perfect for the Florida weather :)
I love the slightly puffed sleeve too :) The yarn is Everyday Soft Worsted in Aubergine (the top photo is closer to the real color). I have had to really alter the pattern for me - well, nothing difficult, I've just had to make it much bigger. I increased the recommended 17 times for the sleeve and tried it on - it's like this thing was designed for children because I needed seriously another 5 inches or so for it to fit me. I have done 30 increase rounds now and it technically fits, but I started realizing that my sleeve puff may require it to be a bit more loose, so I'm going to increase another few rounds just to be sure.

So, that what I have going this week. To see what others are up to, head over to Tami's Amis' Blog :)

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