Monday, September 23, 2013

Mending Monday - Recommissioning Reusable Bags

This week's Mending Monday post may seem a little silly. It's not a garment or a sheet, but it is definitely something that I use often: a reusable bag. I actually won this bag in an online giveaway - I think I was like one of 200 people to get one or something like that. Woo hoo, lol! That said, this was the flimsiest reusable bag I've ever used. The fabric seems to have a high paper content, plus the seams were only top-stitched together (and I only know that because of Angela Wolf's Craftsy Class). The strap broke where it connects to the bag the second time I used it. 

So instead of chucking this bag (I did win it after all, which makes me more excited about it than a normal one you see everyday), I decided to sew it back together. 
I sewed a new seam across the top of the bag to connect it to the strap, and then I reinforced the connection by sewing an X over both together like most backpack straps are sewn. I didn't want it to stand out from the other 3 straps, plus I'm sure the others would have broken just as easily, so I did the same on each one. I really went over each seam well - I would stitch a row, back stitch over it, and stitch it again. Those babies ain't going no where now!
So now I have another reusable bag to use when I grocery shop, carry things to work, move things room to room, or whatever other million uses I use them for. I seriously use these all the time, so I am happy to have this one back again :)

So don't throw away your reusable bags! Sew them back and use them again :) That's all for this week's Mending Monday, but I'll have another fix next week!

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