Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Surprise Disney Trip

So, I had a crazy/fun phone call yesterday morning. My parents bought a set of Disney park hopper tickets at a charity auction last year and they never got around to using them. They pulled them out this weekend only to discover that they had to be used by September 2nd. None of my family had any desire to go because they thought it would be too crowded and hot (I know, they're no fun), so at 8:50 am yesterday my dad called and offered the tickets to me and Justin. What was a devoted Disney lover to do? Drop everything responsible we had planned for the day and go to Disney, of course!
 So now you get to see our pictures lol. Here's me and the hubs on Main Street.
Clockwise from top left: on the tram (oh the joy!), at the new Gaston fountain in the Beauty and the Beast area (Justin was thrilled about that picture), at Epcot,  at our favorite ride - The Haunted Mansion :)
While in the Magic Kingdom, we watched this ibis down a huge hunk of turkey leg. Technical cannibalism for the win!
And here is our mini trip around the world. Here we have Mexico, Norway, China and Germany. We went to all the other countries too, but they were after dinner and it was too dark to take our country to country photos anymore.
And here is the Justin being silly collection. He got a new foam broad sword, drank it up at his favorite international Coke fountain, and got a pic with Ponyo!

We really had a lot of fun. It was so nice to just have a day to hang out together in a fun place that wasn't our house lol. Maybe the lawn will get mowed sooner or later...

What fun and exciting things did you do on Labor Day?

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