Sunday, September 29, 2013

Craftsy: New Free Class - Sew Ready: Machine Basics

This class was released at a very ironic time. My younger sister moved to Japan about a month ago. She knows she will want something to do and she doesn't have to many time consuming hobbies, but she wants to learn to sew. She is getting a machine for her birthday but she was saying that she didn't know how to go about learning everything since she will be far, far away from our mom and me and anyone else who could help explain things to her. About 30 minutes after that conversation, I signed into my Craftsy account and found this class:
Seriously, was that not just meant to be? lol The timing for this class release is just perfect. Now I know that my sister will be able to have someone show her the basics of her machine while she is away from us. Amy Alan is the teacher of this class and I can affirm that she does a great job. She is also the teacher of Basic Serging, so I've had experience watching her. This class shows:
  • how to clean and oil your machine
  • explains the tools that come with most machines and how to use them
  • fixing common beginner sewing problems
  • how to thread your machine
  • how to use specific feet and needles
  • how to change feet and needles
This is a great crash course in using a sewing machine. I'm so glad they released this class now so that my sister will have a little help in getting used to the wonderful world of sewing :)

This class is FREE! To get this class for yourself, just go here and sign up for Craftsy. It's free to join and they have a slough of great free mini classes including this one. You can watch your classes any time and as many times as you want - for life! Pretty awesome. So what are you waiting for?

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