Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Amazings: New Online Craft Classes (+ Get A Free Class!)

I learned about a new craft class website a few months ago from one of the British sewing bloggers I follow. It sounded like a neat idea at the time, but I never looked into it much then. Now I am a full blown member with most of one class under my belt so I can form more of a real review for you.
The Amazings is a crafting website designed around learning from our generations past. Each class is a video of another person getting one on one instruction from an elderly professional in their trade. Too often the knowledge of how to do these amazing things dies off because children and grandchildren just aren't interested in learning it until its too late. This happened to me! A good friend of our family was an absolute wiz at crochet - that woman could make anything! When I was a teenager she offered repeatedly to teach me, but I just had no interest in it back then. Fast forward to now and I would have loved for Lu to teach me. I did find another friend to show me the ropes, but I still kick myself that I didn't give Lu that satisfaction at the time. This site makes it possible for everyone to kind of adopt a crafty granny to show you the ins and outs of their craft. I'm seriously loving this idea!
I signed up through a friend and received a free class of my choice :) I went with the Needle Felt A Furry Friend class which is taught by a lovely lady named Sue. I've been interested in needle felting for a while, so it was nice to find an actual video class to learn how to do it. Sue teaches a girl named Lorna how to felt animals that she designed herself - pretty cool. You're not stuck making just the animals they show you in the class - you can use the techniques you learn and apply them to your own design. The class shows you all the tools of the trade and a few tricks (like making the bodies out of fiber fill!) to really get you going. I don't have the tools on hand so I haven't made any animals yet, but with watching most of this class I definitely feel that I could when the time comes :)

Want to get a Free class? The coolest part of The Amazings is that if you sign up through a friend, you get a free class! So you can use this link to sign up and you will get to choose your class (any up to £20/$31). Maybe you want to learn Retro Hairstyles, hand sewn patchwork quilting, loom knitting, making altered books, machine embroidering a necklace, home dyed jewelry, working with silver clay and more. I've definitely got my eye on the retro hairstyles class among others. So head over here to try your first class for free and see for yourself what a great new concept this is :)

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