Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Knitting Update: My Reversible Duck/Bunny!

After finishing my Wee Ones Elephant last weekend, I needed another project to keep me busy while my air conditioner was installed. I decided to troll around the Spud Says Blog Ravelry page because I knew that Susan B. Anderson had designed a bunch of cute free patterns for them when she ran the blog. I found this mini reversible toy and decided it would be the perfect quick project!
Awe look, it's a duck :) But it doesn't stop there! It also becomes...
A bunny! This little guy is only about 3.5" tall and it is actually two toys that tuck up inside each other. How cool is that?!
See? You just push the head up as you roll the hidden animal out and the other disappears inside.
This is the Mini-Reversible Duck to Bunny pattern. I used Cascade 220 Superwash in Daffodil and Orange for the duck (left over from my giraffe) and Aran for the bunny. The pattern didn't have wings for the duck, but I knew mine needed some so I used the directions for the feet and made them in yellow, but I decreased once at the end before I kitchener stitched. Also the bunny didn't have a tail! So I used the scraps from tying off the aran color and made a little pom pom. Now they are complete :) Their eyes and the bunny's nose are done with black embroidery floss. 
Everyone I have showed this to has loved it. It's gotten such a great response because it's reversible! This project was quick and easy and just so cute. I happen to have Susan B. Anderson's newest book Topsy Turvy Inside-Out Toys where all of the projects included are reversible, so this project really made me excited to make one of the patterns in this book!

This is my first knitted animal that wasn't assisted by a Craftsy class and I am really pleased with how well it went. I definitely feel confident that I can tackle other knitted toy patterns now :) Plus I can flip this guy back and forth in the meantime, so how can that be bad? :)

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