Thursday, August 22, 2013

Knitting Update: Hot Pink Leaf Headband

This is a project I completed back in June and never blogged, lol, you can't rush these things, right? Plus a headband isn't nearly as exciting as a stuffed animal, imo. This is yet another Leaf Headband, and this pattern is turning into a tried and true.
This is the Blue Leaf Headband pattern which is Free on Ravelry. Since this is my 3rd time making it up, I think I have it all figured out. This one was actually made as a bargaining tool ... for my little sister, lol. My sister Marisa wanted some cute bows for her hair and our long time friend Tatia is a bow pro. Tatia said that in return for her bow making services, she wanted a headband. So Marisa quickly volunteered me to make one, lol, what can I say? I'm a nice big sister. Plus I like making these and needed a project at the time.
I made this up in Red Heart With Love in the Hot Pink colorway. I already had this color in my stash and Tatia requested a bright pink - hopefully she likes it this bright because she definitely got what she asked for ha ha. I made this one with the button hole option and I used a pretty gold shank button from my stash. I really like how the button compliments the hot pink.
I always love to look up close at the lace pattern on this headband. It's so pretty but so simple.

So, there's one more headband done. This will be mailed off soon now since it will start to get pretty chilly in up Utah. Tatia - I hope you like it!

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