Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Crochet Update: A Sackboy Gift

Back when I first started making amigurumi, I was also just getting to know my sister's husband, Justin, (not her husband yet at the time). He saw my animals and said, "You should totally make a Sackboy!" At the time, I wasn't all that great at crocheting yet and I think I just said, "Yeah, someday," and ended it there; but I filed that thought away for later. Fast forward to now. My sister just got married at the end of July and now she is living with her husband in Japan. Before Justin went back to Japan, we celebrated his birthday since it would be a few days after her left us. I didn't have anything to give him at the time, but I wanted to give him a fun gift that would be for his birthday as well as for saying, "Welcome to the family". I thought making his requested Sackboy would be good for the occasion.
This is Sackboy. He is the main character of the video game Little Big Planet. The coolest part about Sackboy (at least to me) is that he can change outfits and hairdos to customize your own character as you play. This guy I made is just the base model (before you get to change him).
I used this free pattern that I found on Nerdigurumi through Ravelry . I will say, I had a heck of a time with this pattern. Granted there are a few videos to show the techniques that I didn't watch, but the writing itself is very different than any other crochet pattern I've used. Also, I am not a big fan of crocheting through both loops on amigurumi. It's more of a personal preference, but I just prefer the results of crocheting through the back loop only. This pattern must be done through both loops in order to accomplish the shaping. Even though I was cranky about the pattern, I really have to say that the result is incredibly accurate to the  actual character.
I used Everyday Soft Worsted yarn in chocolate for the body and Lion Brand Microspun in Sterling for the zipper. The tan stitches were done with a tan embroidery floss and the smile is black embroidery floss. Because Sackboy can change his outfits, he has a zipper down his belly.The zipper pull is hanging there (you can lift it if you want to). I kind of free-handed the embroidery of the zipper and I extended it all the way down the belly. I used 12mm safety eyes too instead of the buttons that the pattern calls for. The head and feet use a technique that makes them have a flat circle which helps it to stand up (if you balance it very carefully lol). I also really love the hands - they have fingers! They were kind of weird to make, but the results are really cute. Because of how you stitch the pieces together, the limbs are kind of pose-able so you can move the arms and legs.
I carried the tan stitches all the way around to the back to make him more realistic. I'm really happy with how this guy came out and I hope Justin likes him too. Happy Birthday, Justin! Take care of my sis over there :)

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