Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday

It's that day again - WIP Wednesday. This week I've been very excited about the Mystery Crochet Along with FreshStitches. The last clue was released yesterday, so I officially know what I'm making now. And it's so cute! lol I just wish I wasn't so crazy busy so I could have it made up and finished by now. Hopefully I can put it all together tonight. Here is what it looks like as of this morning:
Pretty cute, right?

The other project I've been working on this last weekend is a very long time work in progress. I'm not sure if anyone has been around long enough to remember when I started my Hope Shawlette last November (yikes!), but it's been just sitting around for many months with no attention. I found myself between animals and waiting for some new yarn to arrive in the mail so I decided to pick this up and I became determined to finish it! I worked for hours over the last week knitting mostly stockinette stitch and I finally reached the point where the lace border begins. I did the set up row and started on the lace and oh my gosh what a nightmare. I'm not used to reading lace patterns and I thought it would be better explained, but the pattern assumes you automatically know a lot of things ... which I didn't. So I had to reverse knit back half the row once. I started again fixing my mistake. I got to the very end of the row and discovered the stitches weren't lining up on the second half. So I reverse knit a second time and tried again. The same thing happened again! I was so frustrated by that point and I knew I did not have the know how to reverse knit through what I had just done. Sunday night I accepted my fate and made the decision to frog back. Since I was going back anyway, I had a small hole that I didn't notice until a few rows past it, so I picked up the stitch and just moved on, but it really does bug me now so I decided to go back before that. The problem was ...
It meant going back 1.5 inches! It was so depressing - seriously. This was hours and hours of work just pulled out and wasted, not to mention how long it took me just to place that thread and then reload the stitches onto my needle again. le sigh. So now it looks like this:
Pretty much just like it looked a few months ago. I am still determined to finish it though, so hopefully it won't languish quite as long this time. I like to think that it won't, but we'll see lol.

So that's what I have going at the moment. To see everyone else's WIPs you can check out Tami's Amis' blog :)

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