Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weekend Update

If things like mending bore you, you will not like this post :) Just a warning.

So this weekend was spent doing lots of random little things around the house. I spent a good deal of time knitting, but got a little bored with it and decided to branch out. I have a good size pile of clothes that need mending or altering, so I picked these 3 to tackle.
The skirt with the circles I wear a lot, but the seam at the zipper was coming undone (to the point it was a serious nuisance to zip and unzip). The purple blouse had several of the bows that had fallen off. Also the black skirt had a large section of the blind hem that came undone in the front and was driving me crazy. All of these problems could be fixed with just a little hand sewing, so I just hit the bullet and went for it.
I started with the purple shirt. I love this blouse, but seriously haven't worn it in about 2 years because a section of the bows on the bottom came off. So I repositioned them all so they looked good(not as easy as it sounds) and sewed them back on. I noticed how all the thread that was holding the bows on was getting pretty loose, so I went ahead and stitched them all to make them more secure. I also saw that the back button was about to fall off, so I stitched it up too. Then I cut out the tag because it was very sharp on the edge and always drove me nuts. Now I can finally wear it again!
My next victim was the black knit skirt. This has been my go-to black skirt for a while now and as such has gotten a lot of wear. This caused the blind hem to come loose across more than half of the front edge. It seriously drove me crazy, but I wore it anyway. No more! I did the best hand picked blind hem I could manage on this thick knit and was quite satisfied. You can see the new stitches just a bit if you look right at it, but this fabric was just too difficult to make it completely invisible. I'm happy with the results.
Once I finished the hem, I saw that the end of the zipper was starting to pull free from the stitches. This means that I've been wearing it and it looked like my butt was too big and was splitting the seam. Not a fun realization. So I just stitched the seam together to reinforce it - good as new :) This skirt also had a date with the clothing shaver - it's so comfy but pills like crazy when put in the washer. Now it's ready to wear and looks so much better than before.
My final project was the zipper seam on this circle pattern skirt. I started my sewing the seam back together so I could actually zip it without having to push the zipper base in with my fingers while pulling it straight. This was no easy feat with the lining. It wasn't hard per s&w, just cumbersome.
Once the zipper was secure, I saw that the lining was pulling apart below the base of the zipper too, so I stitched that up too. I used the same black thread, but it's the lining and no one will see it so I seriously don't care.

With just those few simple repairs, about an hour later I had 3 new pieces to add back into the rotation :) I think with today's disposable mindset, most people would have just thrown these away, but I knew they could be fixed and it was well worth the little time it took. Now to just tackle the rest of the stack :)
On Monday, I knew I needed to get going with using up a box full of fresh GA peaches we got, so I made 2 batches of freezer jam. This will replenish our supply and I can hardly wait til it sets up and we can eat it!

So those are just a few things I marked off my list. Did you tackle any long-awaited projects this weekend?

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