Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mystery Crochet Reveal! Meet Amber and Cody

**Spoiler Alert!** If you're part of the Mystery CAL and haven't finished yours yet, don't scroll down! lol

I was so excited to get the final clue in the FreshStitches Mystery Crochet Along on Tuesday. Sadly my schedule is a bit crazy this week and I wasn't able to actually finish the pieces and put her together until last night. Without further ado ... Meet Amber!
She's a kangaroo! Isn't it fun?! I was so excited when I peeked ahead to see what I was making (I know, I cheated, but I couldn't wait!)
So Amber is the mommy kangaroo and the I've named the joey Cody (since it's a stereotypical Australian name lol).
The baby comes out and can stand up on his own too. I gave the baby eyes by making knots with black yarn and I also added a little nubby tail to help him stand upright.
The pivotal piece to this pattern is the tail. Before I put the tail on, Amber wouldn't stand up at all because she's so top heavy. I was getting worried while I made her to be honest, but the tail is the last thing and it really makes the pattern work.
I used Lion Brand Pound of Love yarn in Pastel Green for my Amber since all I knew at the beginning was that it needed a bunch of the same color yarn and I had a big ol' skein of this stuff in my stash. I realize my mint green kangaroo is a little silly, but I think they came out really cute just the same. Plus that's part of the fun of a Mystery Crochet Along!

I'm so excited I got to participate in the Mystery CAL again! It's seriously so much fun and I highly recommend giving it a try next time one is offered. Until next time, I'll enjoy my Amber!

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