Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Crochet Update: It's a Giraffe!

My good friends, Heather and Kevin, told me they were going to come down to Florida for their vacation this year. I was stoked! They have a 3 year old daughter (whom I have never met), so of course I had to ask what her favorite animal is to make a welcome gift for her. Nothing wrong with buying a kid's affection, right? Right. Apparently, she loves giraffes, so I finally got to use the pattern I had :)
Isn't he cute?! I made this guy using the Giraffe pattern from Crocheted Softies by Stacey Trock. I used some butter yellow colored Red Heart Super Saver yarn I've had since I don't know when (that means I might have bought this in high school - holy cow) as well as Everyday Worsted yarn in Chocolate Brown.
The actual pattern doesn't have the little mouth piece - It's kind of hard to see in the photo, but it's there - I added it from the Alpaca pattern from the same book. I think the mouth makes them a little friendlier :)
His spots go all the way around. I tried to make them as evenly spaced as possible - the ocd freak in me really came out on that - but with all the decreasing it was pretty difficult so the neck is not as evenly spaced. Oh well, I doubt that a 3 year old will even notice :)
And look at the little tail! The pattern has you make it all in one color, but I liked the contrast of using the brown.
So, I was finally able to hand over this giraffe on Saturday to its new owner. Morgan definitely liked him. She named him Buddy 2 - her favorite toy is another giraffe named Buddy so when we asked her what his name was she called him Buddy 2. lol I take that as a good sign. After they left on Monday, my friend Heather (Morgan's mom) sent me this picture. I think this seals the deal and I know she likes him. I'm so glad this gift was a success :)


  1. How nicely received!
    I would love it if I could get pictures of my Amis with their new owners!!
    Very cute (my favorite is the tail!)

  2. I love when I can get pics of the recipients :) It doesn't happen very often, but it's a nice little visual reminder on my Ravelry projects page who it was for and how much they liked it.


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