Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Weekend Update: Food and Paint

lol Those items were not used together, just so you know. This weekend was all about getting sh*t done. I cleaned the kitchen thoroughly, did like 7 loads of laundry, cooked, sewed, hung hung stuff up, and painted. I'm sure I could list something else too, but that makes me sound busy enough, right? Right.

Let's start with the exciting things - the food :) I had a bunch of strawberries waiting to be eaten, and I got it into my head to make strawberry shortcake from scratch. I used the Basic Baked Scones recipe from Our Best Bites for the shortcake and I have to say, they came out perfect. I just sliced up the strawberries with a little sugar (to get some juices flowing) and topped the scones with them. MMmmmmm...
Doesn't it look delish? I will confess, we ate them with ice cream too. The pic above was my breakfast scone lol.

Last night, I decided to make a nice dinner - a rare and difficult occurrence for us, trust me. I had run across the Creamy Baked Chicken Taquitos recipe in my Our Best Bites cookbook the previous day and thought it would be a great way to shake up our dinner routine. The taquitos weren't hard to make, though I did have to go out and buy a few fresh items that we don't usually have around - so worth it. The cookbook recommends you use their Cilantro-Lime Ranch Dressing to dip the taquitos in, so I made that too lol. It's really zippy but really good. I rounded off the meal with some yellow rice - also with fresh cilantro (I was on a roll).
The best part about this meal is that it wasn't crazy fattening like you would normally think taquitos would be. The taquitos are baked and I used light mayo for the ranch dressing, so it was nice and light - total win win! I would honestly recommend their cookbook to anyone - it's one of my favorites and I've never made a single thing in there that wasn't delicious.

I'll post about the other goings on of the weekend shortly. You can just salivate over the yummy food photos until then :)

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