Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sewing Room Sprucing: Hanging Stuff Up!

Even though I've had my sewing room habitable for several months now, I still hadn't hung anything up. Not only was I unsure of where the furniture would go, i.e. where would be appropriate places to put things on walls, but I also had spent so much time fixing all the previous people's holes that I just hated to drill into them again. Isn't that silly? So, this weekend I bit the bullet and put some stuff up there!
I've been planning this project ever since I saw Lauren's sewing room. Lauren's blog, Lladybird, is fantastic all the time anyway, but I was in love with her sewing room the moment I laid eyes on it. I hadn't even thought of putting the rulers on the wall before, but it's such a convenient idea. And why not? That is what the room is for and all :) I'm sure I'll steal inspiration from her room again too, but right now I just love looking at this tidy and useful little display.
I also FINALLY hung up my painted spool holders! These have been languishing in my old junk room for years, YEARS I tell you! They were given to me years ago and I painted them a while back but still hadn't hung them up since I didn't know how the room was going to be set up yet. Now that I have the furniture in there, they have an official place :) I had to touch up the paint a bit on the regular sized holder (I could see a few spots where the coverage wasn't fab once they were up), so I haven't put the thread on it yet. I can't wait!

I would have had more to show on the walls too, but there was a little wrench in the works. I bought the Fintorp Rail system from Ikea a few weeks ago and I opened the boxes today only to find that I am missing the 2 screws that hold the brackets onto the wall for this rail! Big bummer! I've called Ikea and they put some screws in the mail for me, but it will be 5 to 7 days before I get them. Le sigh. So, I don't have my fun little set up to show you on that yet. I'm very excited to put it up (and get all the random pieces for it off my floor, ha ha!) and I will definitely post it as soon as I get the pieces.

Any recommendations for other sewing items to put up on the wall? I'm kind of in love with the idea now :)

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