Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mystery Crochet Update: I Have Completed Clue #1!

I was so excited when Stacey released the first clue a day early for the Amber Mystery Crochet Along! Sadly, I had too many previous obligations so I had to be responsible and not start making them up until last night. Once I figured out my yarn (I went with Lion Brand Pound of Love in Pastel Green - mostly because I knew I would definitely have enough yarn that way), it was very quick to finish this clue.
This time around, there are a lot of pieces involved in the mystery animal, so I opted to label my pieces. Last time they were all different colors and shapes so I could easily figure out which was which, this time they are kind of similar and all the same color - thus the little papers. I'm just using safety pins to hold them on as well as hold duplicate pieces together and it's working great :)

Now I have to try to contain my anticipation until next week!

** Since posting this, it was brought my attention that piece A says "make 2". Oops! I didn't see that. I have made the second piece now, so all is well :)

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