Monday, June 24, 2013

Crochet Update: Nina the Butterfly - My First Rattle!

I purchased this pattern a few weeks ago - as soon as it was released - and I've been saving it for something special. Meet Nina the Butterfly!
Isn't she cute?! I was a very quick pattern - I think it took about 2.5 hours all in all. I made her using the Muriel the Butterfly pattern from FreshStitches. Just like all her other patterns, this one is very well written and comes together easily. I used Red Heart With Love yarn in Hawaii Blue for the wings, with Everyday Worsted in black for the body and white for the eyes with a small scrap of yellow for the mouth.
Getting those wings on straight was trickier than I anticipated and I ended up having to unpick them 3 times, but I prevailed and I'm so happy with the results :) The best part is the little surprise she has inside. As I was adding the stuffing before crocheting her closed, I inserted a little something special...
It's a rattle! My husband got me a whole bunch of these inserts for my birthday - they just came a little late. And since she makes noise, here is a video to prove it:
lol I'm sure anyone who happens on my YouTube page must think I'm crazy - all my videos are of amigurumi :) But I had to prove she was a rattle!

Anyway, I love this quick little pattern and I see many more rattles in my future :)

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