Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Crochet Update: Meet Norman the Giant Squid!

I am so excited to show you my latest new friend! I started this guy about a week ago, made his eyes and wing-triangle-things and then set it aside because I felt guilty I wasn't getting any housework done - ha ha. So, last night the husband and I were just hanging out watching tv and I decided to work on it more. Well, we were so engrossed in Hemlock Grove (weird freakin' show, ya'll) that I stayed up until almost 3am and finished it! Take a look!
This is Norman the Giant Squid! My husband came up with the name - and Norman is the name of a character on the show - yeah, he's original, my guy :) I used the Sandford the Giant Squid pattern from FreshStitches. I made him up in Vanna's Choice yarn in Cranberry with Everyday Worsted yarn in black and white for the eyes. No joke - I used 1.3 skeins of the cranberry yarn! This guy is big!
I just love his eyes :) They are so big! Also his little tentacles are so cute. The dangling little pieces add a really different (and fairly realistic) touch.
This is the largest diameter animal I've made so far. I love how big he is - so nice and squishable. But my favorite thing to do with him is this:
lol He swims! Sorry for my stupid video, but I just had to show him in action.

This is such a fun pattern - I highly recommend it. It wasn't difficult at all to make and oddly enough I was able to make him up in a few hours, so much less time than I thought it would take. I may or may not have future plans to make one in white and black to be a Mario Bros style squid. We shall see...

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