Monday, June 3, 2013

Crochet Update: Meet Blue Boy!

Last Monday night (after a day full of yard work), the husband and I decided to order a pizza and watch a movie :) Of course, I can't just watch a movie - my hands have to be moving. So I made this little guy:
Meet Blue Boy the blue bird :) I used the Georgina the Tiny Bird pattern from FreshStitches to make this. I grabbed the Rainbow Amigurumi eBook a while back and hadn't tried out any of the patterns until now. The best part of all the patterns in this book - they are small but still use a size H hook, a.k.a. they are very quick to make. I had Blue Boy finished by the time the movie was over, so he took about 2 hours.
This guy is actually very small - he fits in the palm of my hand. I used Deborah Norville Everyday Worsted yarn in Royal Blue (left over from other projects) for the body and the yellow yarn is wool that was left over from my Roosevelt the Monster kit from FreshStitches. I actually still have more of this left - that's how tightly I crochet. Also, this little guy has 9mm eyes, unlike the usual 12mm eyes the bigger animals get. I think it goes with his proportions a little better.
I really liked this pattern ... until I got to the middle and beyond where you have to start slip stitching to make the curve in the back. For a normal person this wouldn't be an issue, but when you crochet really tightly like me, it makes for a difficult time and very sore fingers. I had to literally shove the hook in the stitches with my nail and then yank on it to get into the stitch to crochet the next line. So if you are a normal crocheter, you would love this pattern. I'm not sure I will make it again until I figure out my tension problem.

I'm really happy with this little quicky project :) I can't wait to make more from the book!

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