Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Weekly Pinspirations

So, remember at the beginning of the year when I started this post series and only did it for, like, 2 weeks? Yeah, I suck, I know. That doesn't mean I haven't been trying out more things I pin on Pinterest though! I've used a bunch of ideas inspired by pins over the last few months around my house. Have I taken pictures of them to show you? Not so much. The last few weeks though, I have made a few food items thanks to Pinterest that I thought I would share :)
This one my husband actually saw on someone's Facebook wall and decided we needed to try it. Coincidentally, I had pinned it way back when, so we had the recipe on hand and cave it a go. You take a sourdough loaf and cut the top in cubes (it's still connected at the base). Then you sprinkle it with cheese, bacon bits, and melted butter with ranch dressing mix in it. It was just as terribly fattening as it sounds, but oh man was it good!
Last night, we decided to eat the lobster tails I got on sale last weekend for dinner. I've never made lobster myself before, so I consulted Pinterest. This is the link for the recipe we chose to use.
The photo doesn't look like much, but the recipe was fantastic! You remove the lobster from the shell, set it on top, brush it with olive oil, sprinkle with lemon pepper, and broil it for about 5 - 8 minutes. So easy! And it was seriously good. Here is ours:
It looks a little weird here (it slipped off the shell and didn't want to sit back on it for the photo), but trust me - delicious!
And this was our carnage afterward :) These guys sure were tasty!

Have you tried out any pins lately? Do share!

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